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Weekly Eye Palette (8g)

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01 Monday
Warm beige tone eye shadow for calm start on Monday!

02 Tuesday
Elegant rose tone eye shadow for still lively Tuesday!

03 Wednesday
Twinkling glitter look for tired Wednesday!

04 Thursday
Simple and easy matte look for saggy Thursday!

05 Friday
Burgundy tone eye shadow for long-waited Friday night!

06 Saturday
Brown tone eye shadow for getting ready for any plans on Saturday! 


1.        Perfect and light adherence with just single application

2.        No need to worry about doing different and stylish makeup everyday

3.        Best color combination for quick makeup success


Indications and Usage:

Choose the palette that goes well with your desired makeup look on the desired day.

You can achieve wanted makeup all at once with a single palette that has base color and matching point colors!

Use the darkest shade in the palette as eyeliner and shimmering shade as point makeup on the middle eyelid and under the eyes.

Size: 8g


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