Two Tone Tint Lip Bar_01. Cotton Candy

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1.     Defining tint and moisturizing lip balm all at once!

The new V-cut created for the golden ratio of tint and lip balm defines of the lips vividly and moisturizes the outer side of the lips!
2.     Effortlessly lovely two-tone gradation!

8 kinds of perfect color combination for long-lasting, defining color tint and pastel tone lip balm

3.     The ingredients and technology of Lip Sleeping Mask!

No dead skin cells! Keeps the lips moisturized and healthy for long hours as if having used a lip mask over dry lips


Purpose: With Two-Tone Tint Lip Bar, express natural gradation on the inside of the lips and moisturize the lips all winter!

Tint : Long-lasting high color expression with a single sliding application

Lip Balm : The ingredients and technology of Lip Sleeping Mask provide amazing moisture and vitality to dry lips


Indications and Usage:

1. Lower the button to push the lipstick upward.

2. Be sure to open the cap before pushing down the button.

3. Expose the lipstick little by little as needed since the lipstick is easily breakable.

4. Apply softly on the lips while holding the button with your thumb since the lipstick can be pushed inside if you press too hard.

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