Real Fit Matte Liquid (3.5g)

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Point: It maintains the original color pigmentation as it is! #Lip Sticker


1.     Real Fit Matte Liquid which stays on the lips for a long time with the original strong color pigmentation

-      Extra lasting film former meets the color, gets fully pigmented on the lips for a long time and lasts as the original color.

2.     Light and slim texture with even pigmentation

-      Lightly spreading oil gets quickly absorbed into the lips, making anyone enjoys various matte lips.

3.     Vegetable oil ingredients prevent dryness for a long while

-      The moisturizing power of Camellia Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Sea Cactus Oil maintains soft and moist lips without dryness.


 Purpose: With moist texture of Real Fit Matte Liquid, you can create various lip styles.


Indications and Usage:

  1. Vivid full color pigmentation: Draw a lip line with a diagonal back side of the tip and fill the lip color with the diagonal side of the tip. You can create vivid and fully-colored lips without using a lip liner.
  2. Natural gradation: Gently dab the product on the middle of the upper lip and purse several times. It will create naturally gradated lips.


Size: 3.5g 

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