Waterful Green Bamboo Pads (80ea)

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Love it

Love the smell and suitable for my skin.

I bought this item 2and

I bought this item 2and time. This cleared up my back acne ... and I use this as a moisturizer pad as well for my face. It compliments with Belif Peat Cream very well.

Convenient and calming

I adore this product! I absolutely love that it comes with a tool to help taking out the pads easily without contaminating the rest of the pads; I also love how it is pre-soaked and it saves the hassle of having to take a cotton pad and pouring the toner onto cotton pad etc; I also love how each pad is literally drenched in the toner and that I don't have to ug on my skin! These pads are incredibly hydrating, i keep them in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation after a long day and it's the best feeling ever. It deeply hydrates and calms my skin. My skin always instantly looked more radiant and less irritated after I use these pads. Whether you are dry skin girl or an oily skin kinda girl, you will need this in your life!

Works like MIRACLE :two_hearts:

Love how simple and easy to use. I like how the pads work as I only use it at dry spot on my face. Use it as a toner before applying ur night cream. Say bye bye to all my dehydrated skin on my face.

Holy grail!

I don’t know where to start to write about this products. Every individual pads is soaked with goodies, doesn’t dry down very quickly. It’s great to know that you can used this as a mask too and I fold it and make it as my eye mask, awesomeness! The smell isn’t that overwhelming, but it’s rather soothing~ Good job, Althea! Althea!