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Cream Skin Refiner (150ml)

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Feel highly moisturized skin from the very first skincare step by just applying Cream Skin Refiner in which a whole cream is melted into and makes you feel like you finished whole skincare already.


1.       Cream, soaked into skin!  
-       Using Laneige’s own Cream Blending Technology™, a whole bottle of cream got melted into the skin and became highly moisturizing skin that fills up rich moisture.
2.       Reinforced skin barrier with White Leaf Tea Water
-       White Leaf Tea Water rich in Amino Acid takes care of dry and sensitive skin healthily.
3.       Highly moisturizing skin with mild ingredients
-       Mild but necessary hydrating ingredients make even the sensitive skin due to dryness healthy and lively.

How to use:

At both morning and night skincare step, take an appropriate amount onto the hands and apply on the face by gently patting. 



Avoid using on the wounded areas.

Size: 150g

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