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Cica Sleeping Mask (60ml)

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Did you know that your skin repairs itself while you sleep? Give it a helping hand with Laneige's Cica Sleeping Mask, a soothing and repairing formula to treat dryness and redness. Infused with Amore Pacific's patented 'Forest Yeast' derived from cica, it helps to strengthen the skin's barrier, preventing future irritations and calming the skin as you rest, leaving you with skin that's even, balanced and supple in the morning.
What's Good
  • A skin soothing and strengthening sleeping mask
  • Contains ‘Forest Yeast’, a patented ingredient to repair and improve the skin’s barrier
  • Skin is left balanced, supple and even in the morning
Skin Type
All skin types
How to Use
Apply as the last step of your skincare routine before sleep, spreading an even layer onto the skin and allowing it to absorb in. If your skin is feeling especially irritated and dry, layer 2-3 times for a more soothing skin treatment.
What's Included
1 x Cica Sleeping Mask (60ml)
Key Ingredients

Forest yeast- A patented cica based ingredient developed by Amore Pacific to strengthen and regenerate the skin while you sleep
Panthenol- Soothes irritations and strengthens the skin
Shea butter - Deeply moisturizes the skin and creates a protective moisture barrier

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