[2018 Holiday] Wild at Heart Eye&Face Palette (26g)

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Eye & face multi-palette containing various shadows from brown to burgundy pink tone, aura-like highlighter and pink-colored blusher that can express from natural daily makeup to splendid year-end party look.



1.       Your holiday makeup is complete with a single palette!

This single palette contains 6 kinds of shadows, glowing highlighter that has aura pearl and vivid blusher colors for natural and smoky makeup.


2.       Long-lasting and excellent vivid color pigmentation

It expresses original color that gets applied softly on the skin and has long-lasting texture with high adherence.


How to use:

[Eye shadow]

  1. Using a base color, apply on the eyelids to brighten them.
  2. Apply the define color on the eyeline below the double eyelids for deeper-looking eyes.
  3. Using glittery styling shadow, naturally blend to the upper part of the double eyelids to complete your eye makeup.



  1. Gently sweep the content and apply using a brush.
  2. Smoothly apply on the apple zones or areas from the lower both sides of the cheekbones for naturally reddish cheek makeup.



Avoid using around the eye areas and wash off immediately if it gets into the eyes.

Size: 26g

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